Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mini Pin Boards

While we were picking up craft supplies in our local dollar shop last week I came across some small cork coasters. Today we used them for a simple fine motor activity to improve Bubble's pincer grip and object placement.


* cork coasters
* push pins
* marker/texta
* cookie cutters

Using the Sharpie I traced around the outside of the cookie cutters onto the coasters. You could make them double sided with a different picture on each side but we just did the one.

The idea is to use the push pins to 'trace' the outline. This incorporates many fine motor skills and Bubble found it quite challenging.

She soon got the hang of it and spent a long time getting each pin in just the right place.

Bubble found this activity frustrating at first but kept at it, she was so proud of herself after she finished each one (so was I!).


  1. Thank you for sharing that excellent idea! I recently bought similar cork coasters for pin-pricking activities but wasn't sure of a good way to use them, and this is perfect!

  2. Yet another fabulous idea Caz! Can't wait to make some for my two. Thanks for sharing such amazing ideas!

  3. Marvelous idea! Inexpensive and easy!! Thanks for sharing!! Kerri