Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day Lollipops

The minute I saw this post on Lip and Moustache Lollipops at the Blonde Designs Blog I could barely wait for Valentines Day to make some for Bubble's Kindy class. We don't even celebrate V Day in our household (shouldn't my better half buy me chocolates everyday, not just once a year? ;-D) but really, these were too cute not to make. It took a few hours to do up around 30 of them as I added personalised bags as well as the little name tags, but they really were so easy. And did I mention cute? In case not; they were so very impossibly cute.


* lollipops
* foam sheets
(red/pink for lips, brown/black/yellow/white for moustache)
* scissors
* paper
* printer
* glue
* cellophane bags
* stapler

Moustache lollipops.

Lovely lips lollipops.

All bagged up ready for class. I made the bag toppers in PS, if anyone would like the jpeg just email me with your child's name (the back is personalised) and I'll send it through :-)

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  1. What a lovely idea!
    Thank you for sharing.