Thursday, February 3, 2011

'H' is for Hair

Another project for our 'H' phonics wall that we did this week was 'hair'. Bubble is a bit fascinated by hair at the moment since discovering the words 'blonde' and 'brunette', all I hear when we are out shopping now is "that lady is blonde Mum! That man is blonde too! That lady has brunette hair! Did you see?!" :-D


* paper plates
* glue
* dot stickers
* marker
* ribbon (yellow/gold)
* wood shavings
* felt strips (red)
* cotton balls

Our 'faces' just waiting for some hair.

Bubble used dot stickers and markers to create the faces.

Bubble used the glue where she wanted her hair to go, she was very specific! :-)

Our finished faces with their different hairstyles.