Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Felt Heart Bag

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Bubble enjoyed making a heart shaped felt bag this morning during Squeak's naptime, it was really simple to prepare and she has been using it all day long, stuffed with party favours she found in the pantry :-D


* felt sheet (red)
* scissors
* Sharpie/marker
* sheet of paper
* wool or string
* child safe sewing needle
* ribbon for handle

Cut a paper heart the same size you'd like your bag to be. Use a hole punch or pencil to make even holes around the edge as though you are making a lacing shape (to get the holes equal I folded the heart in half and punched down one side). Leave space at the top for the opening of the bag.

Lay the paper heart on your felt sheet and trace and cut two heart shapes. Then lay your paper template on top of each felt heart and make a dot through each of the holes using a permanent marker.

Use your scissors to make tiny nicks on each dot around the edge of both heart shapes. I folded the felt along each dot and snipped it that way. This is so your child can push their needle through the template easily and sew their bag together.

Place your two felt hearts together so that the holes align and show your child how to sew them together using the wool or string. Bubble just loves sewing at the moment so really enjoyed this part of the activity.

Tie off each wool end and choose your ribbon for the bag handle. Bubble chose orange, her favourite colour :-)

Cut your ribbon to the desired length and knot it at each corner of the bag opening. Bubble is still learning to tie knots so needed my help, but older kids could do this themselves.

Bubble ready to go shopping Valentine's Day style :-)

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  1. These bags are so sweet! I would love to try something like this with my little ones. I run a weekly link up every monday please feel free to come and join in this weeks. Heres the link

  2. Very cute!

    Good for you doing a pattern first too! I always skip that step and then regret it!!


  3. Monkeying Around - have ducked over and joined your link up, thanks for the invite!

    Kerri - oh me too, too many times to count :-D I knew without a pattern Id never get my dots to match up, I seem to be hopeless when it comes to distance estimations!

  4. Love the bag! It`s really cute!
    We will definitely make one as well.. but I think I will skip the pattern part :) On the other hand, it is good to show your child that it`s good to use the pattern.. hmm.. made I won`t skip it then :)

  5. Love this idea, so cute! My little one loves threading so this is just perfect for her - thank you :)