Monday, February 28, 2011

Squeegee Sight Words

Our front windows (badly) needed cleaning so today I managed to recruit some small helpers by turning it into a fun sight word activity. Who doesn't love squeegees?


* windows
* white chalk
* squeegees
* water
(I added a cup of white vinegar to
our water to make the windows extra sparkly)

Using the white chalk I wrote Bubble's sight words all over the windows and also drew some pictures down low for Squeak to reach. You could use this game for any kind of learning - shapes, numbers, letters - you name it.

I put out shallow containers of water instead of a bucket so the squeegees wouldn't get too soaking wet and the girls could access them easily.

I called out Bubble's sight words one by one and she loved finding and 'squeegee-ing them all clean'.
Squeak just went all out and squeegee'd every bit of glass she could reach! :-)


  1. I love this! I had never thought about doing it with sight words! What a great way to make learning fun!

  2. GREAT idea! I'm linking it to my FB page.