Sunday, December 8, 2013

Teacher Gifts - Quote Baubles

 At this time of year we have a LOT of wonderful people to thank.
The girls occupational therapist, speech therapist, early intervention teachers, preschool teachers, school teachers and all the various support people who have helped them achieve this year. We are so grateful to every single one of them.
Trying to come up with a gift that is meaningful, personal, practical and economical when it is multiplied by 20 can be a challenge though.
This year I decided to make something similar to our Letter To Santa ornament that we made years ago, only this time using quotes that my children have said about each person.
The end result is very cute, we'll be packaging them up with something yummy and hopefully they will make these very important people smile each Christmas when they put up their tree.

* clear baubles
(for this project we used small glass baubles from Spotlight, they were $8 for a pack of 9)
* paper
* scissors
* skewer

The baubles we used were from Spotlight, $8 for a pack of 9.
These are glass but they have plenty of plastic options too in many different Christmas shapes.

We carefully removed the tops of each bauble being careful not to damage the metal prongs that hold them in place.

Then I sat down with the girls and they told me a little bit about why they like each person on our support list.
Then we printed them out and cut them out with scissors. I made the quote circles roughly the same diameter as the baubles so they would fit inside nicely.

Once our quotes were cut out it was very simple to roll them up and pop them inside a bauble. I used a skewer to reshape them once they were inside so they weren't all curled up then reinserted the prongs from the tops of the baubles so the paper was in between and held in place.

I adore the way they turned out, the things the girls said about each person were hilarious and also showed how very important they are to us. 
Hopefully they all remember how wonderful they are every time they look at their Christmas Tree!


  1. What a fabulous idea!! These are just beautiful! I love this idea! Will definitely be using. Thank you :) (pinned)

  2. These are such a fabulous idea! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a thoughtful idea. Oh I adore it!

  4. As a teacher amongst my many other roles, receiving one of these would be simply precious

  5. oh Carrie, I would have been delighted to receive one of these from my students. They look stunning and are incredibly meaningful.

  6. What a lovely, personalised gift for the special teachers and people in your lives. Such a special ornament for them to hang on their trees (and I bet they smile when they see these special baubles). Elise @ Creative Play Central.