Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Class Gift - Animal Bags

Little Squeak has quite a big preschool class with over 30 kids. For Christmas we wanted to make her friends something fun but also cost effective. 
These little gift bags ended up costing us only $11 to make 40 of them and include a little bit of Christmas fun for everyone.


* wild animal figurines
(we bought ours at BigW where they are $1 for a bag of 8 animals)
* Christmas stickers
(we bought ours at the Reject Shop, we only needed one $2 pack to do all 40 bags and still had plenty of stickers left over)
* small chocolate Santas
(you don't have to include these of course, there are plenty of alternatives like a balloon, crayon, small Christmas tree decoration etc...)
* clear gift bags
(we already had these but you can buy them at most dollar shops for around $1-$2/pack)
* Animal bag toppers and stapler
(the toppers we used are included as a printable at the bottom of the post)

Please note: this post is not sponsored in any way, all companies listed are genuinely where we bought our supplies and only mentioned so you can find these items too!

The contents of our gift bags.
The wild animal figurines are from BigW, in their dollar section they have bags of 8 for $1, so we used 5 bags.
The stickers are from the Reject Shop, there are 40 large stickers on the back sheet which we cut out and we still had 60 smaller stickers left over.
The chocolate Santas are from Coles, a big bag is $4.

In each gift bag we put an animal figurine, a chocolate Santa and a Christmas sticker, then we folded the tops down and stapled our bag toppers on.
In the photos you can see the front and back of the topper once it is folded in half (the giraffe side becomes the front and the elephant side becomes the back).
I have blurred Squeak's real name for the Blog but on the printables below have just left a space so you can put in your own child's name.

Wild Animal Bag Topper in 6x4 photo size:
(right click to open and save in a separate tab)

Wild Animal Bag Topper in A4 page size:
(right click to open and save in a separate tab)


  1. Such a clever lady, loving these and your snowman kits! Your girls school friends are so lucky! Shall be using these, thanks for the printables lovely lady xx