Monday, December 26, 2011

Ideas For Celebrating New Years

What kind of things does your family do to celebrate New Years? This year we will be incorporating a lot of our old favourites and adding in some new activities as well.
A few of our old posts containing ideas we will be including in our New Years celebrations this year;

Moon Balloons:
Always a hit with our girls and any other little (and big!) people who come to visit.

Glow In The Dark Ring Toss:
We'll be playing this outside this year weather permitting.

Glow In The Dark Hide And Seek:
Another old favourite that we'll be trying out outside in the backyard.

Marble Lights:
We'll be using glass stones as well as marbles this year to get some different effects.

Streamer and Plastacine Lanterns:
We'll be experimenting with glue and glitter this year for a sparkly fireworks effect.

Animal Spotlight:
Instead of animal pictures we'll be putting up photos from our year and having a memory lightshow on New Years Eve.


  1. Awesome suggestions, thanks! We love glow sticks and have many we could use on New Year's.

  2. These ideas sound fun! I just bought some of those glow in the dark balloons and wondered if they really worked, glad to know. The glow in the dark ring toss looks like fun.