Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cracker Count Down

Between work, appointments for the girls and life in general December has snuck up on me! We put up our felt Christmas Tree Countdown from last year but I needed a quick and easy 'treat advent' to put together for the girls too (after all what's Christmas without a few treats?! ;-D).
I found some Christmas crackers on sale just in time and we managed to sneak it in - whew!


* 24 cheap Christmas crackers
(we found ours in a major retail store for $1.50/box of 6. Alternatively you could make your own using toilet rolls like we did HERE last year)
* small treats
(we used miniature Santa chocolates and stickers)
* blank label stickers
* pen/marker/pencil

We managed to find all of our Christmas-y things on sale and spent way under $10 on this activity. You could bring this even lower by making your own crackers/fillers.

Using a pen Bubble wrote the numbers 1-24 on our labels (we only had long rectangular labels on hand so we cut them in half).

We opened up one end of each cracker by gently untwisting it.

We were then able to add our advent treats inside. You could use tweezers to remove the hats/jokes/toys from inside to make more room but we left them in there.

We added two chocolates and two stickers to each cracker.

The girls then added the count down number stickers to the front, one for each cracker.

Each day they get to pull a cracker together and we're one day closer to that magical Christmas night! :-)

Shibley Smiles


  1. This is a great idea! Will you read a book to go with them?

  2. Oh sorry hon, I didn't realise it was a book link up - feel free to remove link! :-) We do read a Christmas book every night of December though, then the girls get a new one under the tree Christmas Eve to read before the big night. This time of year is so exciting isn't it!

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