Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainbow Party Playdate

Bubble had one of her friends over for a play date today and she was very excited about it. I asked her yesterday what she would like to do for the day and she answered with "a rainbow party" (rainbows are a bit of a big deal around here at the moment). At first I was going to say no, parties are for birthdays not for playdates, but then I thought ... well, why not? Not a presents and cake all out type party, but why not put up some decorations, pick a theme and do some special activities?
So a rainbow party day is what we had and all three of the girls had an absolute ball. I put up some tissue paper poms that were left over from a BBQ at the park, blew up some coloured balloons and put some rainbow themed activities in the middle of the table. We made coloured salt dough necklaces and colourful bead bracelets, dressed up as butterflies, drank fruit milkshakes and made some rainbow cookies. We then headed to the park and blew bubbles and made some brightly coloured dancing wands. It didn't hurt that the weather today was so beautiful too, just perfect for a happy little rainbow celebration.

These poms are so easy to make and the bright colours were perfect for our rainbow party today.
For instructions on making your own check out this link.

I made up some simple salt dough from this recipe and created some bright colours for the girls to use. We used playdough utensils and skewers for making the necklace holes in the top.

Bubble made a handprint with some of her dough.

One of the baked salt dough necklaces - I overcooked them a tad but they still looked pretty good luckily!

Milkshake time - the girls made their own using colourful fruit, yoghurt and milk.


We played a game with some colourful pompoms - using masking tape we made a start and finsh line on the floor. The girls loved using straws to have races blowing them across the tiles.
Game inspired by this post on House Of Baby Piranha.

The girls enjoyed dressing up in wings and jewellery, as well as anything else they could dig out of the dress up boxes!

The balloons were a hit (when are they not :-D).

The girls made colourful bead bracelets while we waited for our cookies to bake.

I followed this recipe to make rainbow cookie dough and the girls created their own colourful masterpieces to bake. They were really yummy!

Chasing bubbles at the park.

I asked the girls to collect a stick each so that we could make some dancing wands. They took their time finding just the 'right one' :-)

We used some reels of ribbon and a pack of colourful clips from the dollar shop to make our wands with.

We simply attached the clips to the end of our sticks and tied the lengths of coloured ribbon to them. Easy and fun!

Bubble taking her rainbow dancing stick for a spin.


  1. Wow, I'd love to come to your house on a playdate!!! You are amazing :)

  2. Thanks Kylie! You guys are welcome anytime x

  3. You really have packed in the fun Caz, as always. I do love those tissue paper pom poms - I wonder if I could use them for my 2 year old boy's party... Hmm, maybe not. I really love the sticks and ribbons. Simple, gorgeous fun!

  4. Maybe if you round the edges and make them in boyish colours you could win him over? I love them too, so easy to make and so cute, I use them so often though I think my family is quite sick of them lol! Hope you have had/are having lovely holidays xxx

  5. Wow - that's about the coolest playdate I've ever seen!!! My girls would go crazy for a playdate like that!!
    visiting from we play :-)

  6. Fantastic ideas! what a fun playdate:)
    ~Jada Roo Can Do

  7. Love the salt play dough and the rainbow cookie dough! The colours are great! Hopefully we will get time to try these soon! Thanks Caz!

  8. Wow...that is an awesome playdate!!! I love your blog!

  9. You are such a fun mama, I want to come and play :)

  10. So much fun and I love the pom poms

  11. What an amazing playdate! You had so many great ideas. I love the cookies and the idea of blowing pom-poms across the floor.

  12. Thankyou Cate and Andrea, so glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Georgia - I was so dubious when making the cookie dough but they really did turn out well. Id add a little icing sugar to the mix if we made them again though. Hope you get to try them out!

    Thanks Renita, am following you now also, what cuties your kids are! Looks like you have a lot of fun.

    Christie, little Immy and yourself would always be welcome for a playdate :-) Thankyou so much for the link up on Childhood 101, tickled pink!

    Philippa - I love them too, amazing you can get so much impact with a wad of tissue paper isn't it!

    Thanks for the lovely comment CatWay, I loved the pompom idea when I saw it too, and the cookie recipe was just perfect.