Monday, January 24, 2011

'G' is for Grass

Sticking with our letter G theme we had a go at growing some grass today. The girls water table was standing idle so we used one side of it for our little grass garden and got out some stencils to create interesting shapes. Can't wait until the shoots come through, I wonder how clear our butterfly and snail outlines will be?


* planting container (we used an empty water table)
* grass seeds
* soil
* large stencils
* plastic bottle
* knife/sharp scissors
* marker
* water

I loosened the plug before we added the soil so that excess water could drain out of the tub.

Bubble half filled one side of the table with soil using a cup and then pat it all gently flat.

She chose two stencils for her garden and we laid them flat on the soil. Bubble then filled in the blank areas with grass seeds.

She made a snail and a butterfly shape for her garden, they turned out very clear!

We carefully covered the seeds with another layer of dirt and then it was time for watering. Instead of a watering can I made Bubble a 'rain cloud' from an empty bottle; I drew a cloud on either side with permanent marker and then carefully punched small holes in the underside of the bottle using the tip of a paring knife. I half filled it with water and held the bottle with the holes at the top so the cloud would only 'rain' when Bubble rotated it downwards.

Showing Bubble how to turn her cloud bottle downward to make raindrops.

Some rain for our grass garden :-)


  1. I love the details of how you did this - kicking it up a notch with the design for the seeds and the cloud outline. So thought-filled and fun!

  2. Gosh my kids would love that! Thanks for the idea

  3. Wow, it will be so interesting to see how it grows.