Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wooden block play - colour patterns

Bubble learnt all of her colours quite awhile ago so I thought we would have a go at some patterning games. I wanted to start off with something basic and see how she went, so decided to use some of her favourite toys - blocks!

* paper or mat
* coloured objects (about 5-10 of each colour you want to use)

We made a game of grouping the blocks into their colour groups, then I laid some paper on the floor so Bubble could see clearly what I was doing. I slowly made a pattern with the blocks, starting with two colours only. As I went I said the colours out loud (yellow, and then red, yellow, and then red...) so that she could see and hear the pattern. We did this a few times over with different colours, and then I started to ask her what came next and letting her select and place the next block. Bubble enjoyed this game and we got as far as three colour patterns before she lost interest.
Other ideas: you dont have to use blocks, you could use a whole heap of small toys or objects you find around the house, or beads, bottle lids, counters even different types of dried beans. Try patterning with different things, like shapes or textures.

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