Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sticker balloons

My kids love balloons and stickers and this simple activity combines both.

* balloons
* stickers

Other ideas:
*use large plastic fly swats to hit the balloons and play balloon tennis.
* throw or hit the balloon back and forth, each putting on a new sticker on it every time before throwing it back.
* use picture stickers and play 'eye spy' with your balloon.
* throw the balloon to each other and when you catch it say the name of the sticker that comes up on top. Bubble has a slight speech delay and we play this game a lot to build her vocabulary, we cover a balloon in picture stickers from an activity book (the DK books you find in places like BigW are great) and she names the picture on top and we elaborate (what colour is it, does it make a noise, where does it live etc...).

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