Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coin matching

Bubble has become fascinated with coins lately and likes putting my change into the donation boxes when we're out shopping. As an add on to this interest Im trying to teach her the different denominations, so today we did a coin rubbing activity.
I got a brown paper bag and placed the coins inside so that we could use crayons to get rubbings of them. We just used the number side since she is starting out, but later you could use the 'heads' side of the coins to make it a bit trickier. We used the coins and rubbings to do a matching game, saying the denomination amounts as we went, and then turned the bag over and just wrote them in number form instead and matched the coins to those.


* coins - one of each denomination
* paper bag
* crayons

Making our coin rubbings

Matching the coins.

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