Monday, April 21, 2014

Easy Lunch Idea - Hamburger Shapes

I have written in here before about the challenges we face getting our two girls to eat certain foods, and meat is one of them! 
Many kids with Autism are selective eaters due to sensory sensitivities, for our girls it is largely colour and texture that determines whether or not they will eat something, or even try it.
As they have gotten older we have found ways to get them to try a wide variety of foods (see my earlier post here on fussy eating) and cookie cutters have been my saviour many many times.
Recently I decided to try my trusty cutters to make some hamburger shapes to see if I could add a bit of variety to the girls lunches. Not only were they very easy to make but they were also a big success!


* high quality mince meat
* cookie cutters

I made our hamburgers with plain mince, you could add anything you like to them - grated vegetables, spices, garlic, onion, herbs. Our girls are very sensitive to new smells and tastes, so I always start basic!

Spread the mince to a thickness about half that of your cutter, then use the cutter to create your shapes.
I used a butter knife to help cut the shapes where the cutter didn't go all the way through.

Once you have made your mince shapes you can cook as you would normally. I made a heap of them and froze some for later!

Both Bubble and Squeak were more than happy to try 'hamburger stars' for lunch and now I have something else I can add to our meal rotation.

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