Monday, June 3, 2013

Sticky Wall Tangrams and Puzzles

Long time readers of our Blog will remember the Sticky Window Art activity we did back in 2010 which Bubble enjoyed immensely. Over the last few years we have pretty much permanently had a sticky wall or window set up somewhere in the house and both of the girls enjoy this sensory activity.
One of their favourite ways to use the 'sticky walls' is with puzzles and tangram shapes, not only is it fun to stick them to the wall and a great fine motor exercise, but the girls can also change the positions of the pieces easily if they don't get them in just the right place. 
This activity is great for problem solving and also imaginative play, so it's one of my favourite activities too.


* clear contact
* sticky tape
* tangram set
* puzzles

Sticky walls and windows are easy to set up, just peel the backing paper from a length of clear contact and then use tape in each corner to hang it sticky side out on a flat surface.
Make sure the surface won't be damaged when you remove the tape, we usually use a window or coated door like the one on our pantry.

 Squeak loves completing puzzles on the sticky wall. If the pieces don't go in exactly the right place she can easily peel them off and try again. 

Squeak's absolute favourite activity for the sticky wall would be using tangrams. Sometimes she follows the cards included in her set and sometimes she just makes up her own scenes and sticks them up.


Lots of imaginary play and fine motor building with her bear puzzle.


Other activities we have done using contact:

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  1. Oh i love this girls are always playing with sticky windows/walls. We just recently got a little tangram set and i can't wait to try this!The puzzles are also genius as one of my twins gets frustrated easily with puzzles at the moment and it is something we are working on...thanks so much for sharing x