Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cherry Juice 'Watercolour' Painting

A few years ago we experimented with making our own Food Paint, but it has taken me until now to experiment with juice pigments - better late than never right? :D
I've been meaning to give beetroot juice a go for ages but we ended up having a dabble with some cherry juice we had reserved after making a cake the other day. This activity was very easy and something we will be trying with different juices in the future.


* reserved juice with a strong colour, either fresh or drained from canned produce.
(we used cherry juice but things like beetroot would also work well).
* paint brushes
* jar or cup
* paper/cardboard

The results were actually a lot more vivid in real life, I think this activity would work better on a flat painting surface as well (the raised easel made the colours run a bit).

Can't wait to try out beetroot juice, I think the colour will be even brighter.

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