Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach Sand Doll House

This week we were lucky to have a family holiday which saw us escape the winter cold for a warmer part of the country - it was bliss! 
The girls were most excited to be able to enjoy the beach again. I had packed some little mermaid dolls for them to play with once we hit the sand and they quickly discovered a new favourite game, making doll houses (or mermaid houses) on the beach.

* small dolls
* a beach! 
A sand pit or tray would work too.

I drew an outline of the dolls house in the wet sand while the girls told me what rooms went where. Then we scoured the beach together finding things to furnish our house with.

The girls loved finding bits and pieces for each room, they spent almost as much time creating the doll houses as they did playing with them.

Squeak making a beach rock lounge.

Our seashell toilet.

A TV and lounge made from coral.

The dining table with little shell chairs.

The mermaids particularly liked the shell bath.

Sea shell bed with a leaf for a blanket.

Bubble found a curled leaf to use as a sleeping bag.

Once the beachd house was finished we decided to add a swimming pool out the back.


  1. What a delightful beach activity!!

  2. We will have to remember the plastic mermaids on our next beach holiday, that looks like so much fun!

  3. Simple with so much extended play and imagination

  4. What a gorgeous idea for a day of play.

  5. What a great beach activity. My daughter will love this and I never would have thought of it. Thanks! Hannah (Paint on the Ceiling)

  6. I love this as an outdoor dramatic play activity. My kids will have so much fun with this idea!

  7. Cute idea! Could definitely do this in the sandbox as well. My daughter would love it! :)