Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Picnic Play Basket

One of the girls favourite things to do is visit gardens and park lands to play and explore. We try and visit a new one every week and most days we frequent the ones in our local area.
We always take along a heap of different toys and activities which I used to lug around in different canvas bags or trugs, but recently I came across this wicker picnic basket in a charity shop for $5 and thought it would be perfect as play storage to keep in the car. 
These baskets are always in op shops and usually sell really cheaply, they are also quite roomy and have little pockets inside, as well as being sturdy enough to be used as a seat/table/fairy house etc... I filled ours with the girls favourite take along items and it will live in the back of our wagon for all our park visits from now on.

We found this old picnic basket in a LifeLine store for $5.

 It is perfect for holding our 'Picnic Play' items which can be changed and rotated whenever the girls get bored with them.
In our basket currently we have:
* folding magnifying glasses
* binoculars
* small microscope
* pencil case with crayons and chalk
* blank exercise books
* Grip Ball games
* a few story books
* wooden cars and trucks
* memory games
* pinwheels
* giant bubble wands
* parachute men
* mini stunt kites
* small spike balls
* a spare hat each
* a towel for sitting on
* hand wipes
* small tube of childrens sunscreen


  1. This is so perfect (and far superior to my play "bag"). Love it!

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  2. What an absolutely fantastic idea!!! I am on the lookout for one now....wish I didn't keep missing your posts sorry!!Pinning now!