Friday, January 25, 2013

Australian Animal Facts Hide & Seek

This activity was a follow up to the Silhouette Matching game we played earlier in the day. The girls had lots of questions about the animals so we had a fact finding treasure hunt to learn a little bit more about them.


* flag napkins (optional)
* animal facts
* animal pictures
* blutac (sticky tack)

 I printed out some fun facts for each of our native animal pictures and cut them into strips.
I also had some Australia Day napkins that I found in Spotlight recently for $1.50/pack which had the flag on them. We cut these up to create some mini flags for our Australia Day treasure hunt.

I hid each animal fact with a flag around the girls toy room for them to find.

Some were nice and easy for little Squeak to find and others were a lot trickier for Bubble to hunt for.

We spaced out our animal pictures on the whiteboard leaving room for the animal facts to go along side.

As the girls found each fact I would read it out and they could then match it to the right animal on the board and stick it on. 

We ended up with a board full of fun facts to learn about each animal.


  1. I'm teaching a unit study on Australia to our group of homeschool 1st graders in our cooperative this week. I love your idea and think the kids would have a blast matching the facts with the animal. Before I try to re-invent the wheel, would you mind sharing the forms you created with your facts and silhouettes? I'm happy to share some learning activities of mine. :)

    Thank you

    1. Hi Miranda, I will see if I saved the files to my computer or not, if I did then I'm more than happy to share them! I didn't put them in the post because I used Google Images to create them and feel a bit wrong using other people images in a post. Will send you an email tonight, thank you for your comment!

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  3. This is brilliant! I'm off to pin too!