Friday, November 2, 2012

Spaghetti Catch - Ribbons and Chopsticks

This fine motor game was actually Bubble's invention, I love it when the girls create their own fun activities, it gives me warm fuzzies.
I walked into our craft area yesterday to find her with a pile of cut up ribbons using a pair of chopsticks to transfer them into different bowls. When I asked her what she was doing she told me it was her new game called 'Spaghetti Catch'.
We added a bit more learning today using paper plates and the girls have been playing away all afternoon.


* coloured ribbons
* scissors
* paper plates
* marker/texta/pen
* chopsticks (or tongs)
* foam beads 

Bubble had cut up several different coloured lengths of ribbon into smaller pieces, so we put them all into a bowl together to make the 'spaghetti'.

We then put out paper plates to make a colour sorting game, but instead of putting actual colours on them we made it a bit trickier for Bubble by writing the words instead so she had to read them.

The girls then used their chopsticks to pick up the ribbons and put them onto their plates.

Little Squeak found picking up the ribbons too difficult and told me "it's too tricky for me Mama".
We added some small foam beads from the threading box as 'meatballs' for our spaghetti which were still a challenge for her but after some practice she got the hang of it.

They played this game a few times over and then it graduated into restaurant imaginary play which kept them happy for hours!


  1. I love this idea! Very smart girls you have.

  2. Looks like fun :)

    I think I'd even struggle with the ribbons.

  3. Love this idea! You could even use a time element - how much can you sort before song X is done playing?

  4. Brilliant, love how kids use their own creativity and imagination and you followed through :)

  5. What a fun game. My girls would love the challenge.