Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outdoor Easel Painting

You have probably noticed from previous posts that we spend a lot of our time outdoors visiting parks and public gardens. We are lucky to live in an area where there are plenty within an hours drive in any direction, so we vary our destinations throughout the week.
Not only do the girls love to run around and explore, and enjoy the play equipment if there is any, but we also take along at least one activity to enjoy outdoors as well. There is no end of things you can do and I find even the most boring every day activities are much more exciting when they are done away from home.
One of the girls current favourites is to take along our table top easels and do some outdoor painting. Today we packed a picnic, a small bag of painting supplies and our easels and did just that. We were a bit lucky and managed to get in a few hours between storm fronts - it's a bit wet and windy on our side of Australia at the moment! 


* painting easels
(if you don't have an easel, check out this easy to make cardboard easel from Childhood 101)
* washable paints
* paintbrushes
* empty jar or cup for water
* rags for cleaning up 
(we use old face washers)
* painting smocks
* paint palettes
(I ask for the plastic cosmetic/deodorant packaging left over after night fill at our local supermarket)
* waterproof dropcloth/tablecloth
* paper
* empty shopping bag for any rubbish

Our easels have legs that attach to make them full size, we just remove them to make them table top sized and easy to transport.

Enjoying some (very brief) sunshine and painting away.

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