Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mothers Day Cards - Pompom and Straw Painted Flowers

These Mothers Day cards were very easy and a lot of fun to make. The girls really enjoyed both the straw and pom pom painting and both activities were a great fine motor work out.


* thick drinking straws
* green paint mixed with a little water
* small jar
* coloured paint in a tray
* pompoms
* paper
First we mixed our green paint with a little water to thin it slightly.
I cut our straws in half to make handling them a bit easier for Squeak, but you don't need to.

We poured blobs of paint onto the paper and the girls blew it around using their straws to create the leaves of our flowers.
I actually thought they would blow straight lines (for stems) but love the look of the blobby green shapes we ended up with even better. 

Once they'd had enough of the green paint we got out some trays and they chose their flower colours.
We then used different sized pompoms dipped in paint to create our flowers.
They girls really loved this part, Bubble told me it felt 'squishy and squashy' and Squeak ended up making an absolute mountain of pompom paint pictures.


I love the end result, so pretty and abstract.

 Once they were dry we glued our pompom and straw painted flowers to the front of some scrap cardboard to make our Mothers Day cards.
Check out the extra special something we added in this post HERE.

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