Friday, November 25, 2011

Incy Wincy Spider

If there's one thing our girls enjoy as much as painting, it's singing. Incy Wincy Spider is a firm favourite at the moment, so when I saw this post on Serving Pink Lemonade (awesome Blog by the way, check it out if you haven't already) I was inspired to add a little more 'something' to our singing sessions.
Plus I've been dying to see how easy it is to thread a needle through a ping pong ball so we could make some decorations for Christmas with them. Turns out, pretty easy! Stay tuned for that post ;-)


* ping pong ball
* twine/wool/string
* thick embroidery needle
* scissors
* paper towel tube
* blue ribbon cut into short lengths
* black pipe cleaners


* glue
* yellow felt

First we cut our pipe cleaner into four lengths and Bubble twisted them together to make our Incy Wincy Spider. Make sure you cut the pipe cleaner lengths short enough that your spider will fit up and down the cardboard tube.

Using the embroidery needle I threaded some twine through the centre of a ping pong ball and tied it off on one end.

We tied some lengths of blue ribbon onto the twine at around the same length as the paper tube was. The blue ribbon represented our 'rain' so we were excited to find some sparkly sequined ribbon in our stash.
Just under the ribbon we tied on our pipe cleaner spider.

We made our ping pong ball into a sun by cutting a circle of felt and gluing it to the front.

We then threaded the twine (with the ribbons and spider attached) down inside the paper towel roll (or 'water spout' :-D).

When the sun 'rose' Incy Wincy Spider would disappear up the water spout.

Then the rain would wash him back down again!
The girls loved this, it's still in our musical instruments box and has been getting a workout.
Am I sick of singing Incy Wincy Spider yet? Ummm... just a little ;-D


  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing. We've been singing Incy Wincy Spider on an endless loop here as well - can't wait to make this!

  2. Really clever way to show the littlies what the song really means, thanks :)