Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainbow Fish

The girls and I have been reading 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and they both adore the beautiful illustrations it has. Today we made our own rainbow fish to decorate the fridge with, I think they'd look great as a mobile or a necklace too.
This was a great sensory and fine motor activity and the materials you could use are really endless.


* air drying clay
* sparkly decorations
(we used beads, scrapbook embellishments, coloured mini split pins, buttons and sequins)
* strong magnets
* craft glue
* clear varnish finish

We rolled out the clay and used a shaped play dough cutter to make our fish.

I laid a couple of clay fish each on some wax paper so they wouldn't stick to the table while the girls worked on them.

The decorations were put in heavy containers so the girls could fiddle around picking up the small pieces without it moving around to much.

Bubble had a ball and decorated three fish all up. Her favourite decorations were the fake pearls and the mini split pins which she thought were tiny nails :-)

Squeak spent a long time picking up her beads and pushing them into the clay, pulling them out again and pushing them back in again :-D

Squeak's very cute Rainbow Fish.

Once the clay had dried we attached the magnets to the back and clear finish to the front.

Our fridge friendly Rainbow Fish :-)


  1. Ahhh they look great! I'd like to try this activity with my daughter, she loves 'shish' ;-)


  2. This is too cute! Thank you for sharing! Another great addition is to wear an apron with charm stickers and as children ask you what the stickers are for, you give them one. This resembles the story! :) Happy teaching!

  3. Hi Caz

    Once again you amaze me :) Would love to include your rainbow fish at Playopedia if that is okay?

    Also, is your registered blogger email address the correct one for you? Just wanted to check that you had received an email I sent through :)

  4. Christie we'd love to be included in the Playopedia anytime! We've been hectic (and still are lol) packing and moving to a new home, but I will check out the emails asap. Thankyou for your support and comments x