Monday, March 28, 2011

Picture Tape

It's birthday season in our house, they are happening all over the place this month and next! Bubble spent an afternoon recently making some 'picture tape' to add her own personal touch to presents and cards. You could also use this technique to create your own stickers!


(it has to be the opaque matte type tape, not the transparent shiny kind)
* baking or wax paper
* markers/crayons/pencils

Lay a sheet of baking or wax paper on the work surface (wax side up if using wax paper). Cut your strips of tape as long as you want them and stick them to the paper.

Get decorating!

You now have a sheet of removable tape/stickers to use next time you are wrapping a gift. We have always used our sheets within a few days so I'm not sure how well they would store or how long for.

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  1. This looks cool! :) Cazz, I would love if you would link in High paw weekly linky from time tom time. You have great ideas and I would love to share them further! :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! I know, Ive been so awful at keeping up with replies to comments and Blog Hops etc... lately, Im trying to get more organised so that I can participate. I love seeing your FB updates and all the featured activities, I will do my best to get over to your great site each week!

  3. What a creative idea! We just had a big birthday season here too, wish I had seen this before! I'll file it away for the next birthday.

  4. What a neat idea to add a personal touch to gifts! -- I think I got a bunch of that tape, too! Homemade stickers - Henry will love this!

    I'm excited to share this idea and featured this on my weekly High Five! --

    Thanks for the great idea!

  5. great idea! you're going to have the cutest packages ever.