Friday, April 2, 2010

Paint and glue collage

We combined painting and collage today and the results were lovely and vibrant. We mixed Bubble's choice of paint (yellow like flowers aparently :-D) with some white craft glue, then stuck on some foam shapes and other bits and peices after Bubble had painted her picture. It dried with a really nice texture and all the collage bits stayed on, unlike when we use paint alone and some of the bigger things end up falling off.

* paper
* white craft glue
* paint
* tray or bowl to mix
* paddlepop stick, old spoon or similar to mix
* collage items - anything from small scraps of paper and fabric to sequins and foam shapes.
* paintbrush

** As with any use of glue and paint, even craft and children's versions, make sure you do this activity somewhere well ventilated!

Other ideas: No idea if this would work, but I was thinking of trying this with more white glue to paint and then using it on a glass window or sliding door. I wonder if when it dried it could then be peeled off? Something to try in the future, if anyone has a go at it let me know how it turns out :-)

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