Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand and monoprinting

Bubble was keen to get her hands 'painty' today so we made some mono prints using her favourite colour of the hour, red (it changes almost daily). We used a large shallow plastic container so that Bubble could really get her hands into the paint and spread it around without making too much mess. We then used cotton buds, toothpicks and paddlepop sticks to make patterns in the paint. When she had finished creating I laid paper over the top and rubbed it all over so the print had transfered to the paper when it was lifted up. Bubble made quite a few of these and then moved onto hand printing since she was already in paint up to her elbows :-)

* paint
* paper
* cotton buds/matchsticks/paddlepop sticks/toothpicks
* a surface to spread your paint on (shallow box, plastic tray, glass or stone tabletop, large ceramic tile, plastic drop sheet or tablecloth)

Other ideas: experiment with other things to make your patterns. Toothbrushes, balled up alfoil, fruit nets and even sticks and leaves can leave great effects in the paint.

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