Monday, February 8, 2010

Vegetable printing

Sometimes I find that fresh produce has become unuseable before I have a chance to use it, and it always makes me feel bad to just throw it into the bin. When this happens a great way to use what can't be eaten is to paint with it instead :-) Fruit and vegetable printing is so much fun, and depending on what you are using you can end up with some very cool prints.

* potato, cauliflower floret and onion cut in half (you can use anything you have)
* corn cob holders (use your own judgement about whether or not your child is safe to use something sharp like this, as they can come dislodged from the fruit/vegetable)
* plate
* paper towel
* paintbrush
* paint
* paper to stamp on

Other ideas: Try carving patterns and shapes into the fruit/vegetables to make even more unusual prints. Make some fruit/vegetable stamp flashcards by doing one print in the centre of an A6 sized card and laminating them once they are dry. These could be used for matching the vegetable to it's print, or games like snap and memory if you make enough of them.

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