Monday, February 8, 2010

Babysafe finger painting

When the girls paint together I like to make a 'babysafe' paint so I dont have to worry about Squeak eating any or wiping it in her eyes etc... I want to let her create her little masterpieces without interfering, so we use a mix of flour, water and food colouring and it doesnt matter where she wipes it then :-) I love watching her swirl her hands in it and make patterns on her paper, and the consistency of the paint can be as thin or as thick as you make it.


  1. hi !
    I just found your blog and I love it already ! you have some great ideas !

    I wanted to ask you , this "babysafe" paint, does it dry ok ? to keep the little works of art later ?

    thanks !
    margaux, from France

  2. Hi Margaux, once the paintings dried the flour eventually cracked and came off the paper, the colours remained though although they faded over time. I took photos of their artworks to keep but we do still have these paintings in our art folder. They are messy when they dry though, I took ours outside and shook them out a bit before storing them!
    Hope that helps, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)