Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rice tent play

We have a jar of rice that we reuse for playing games and the 'Rice Tent' is one that Bubble really enjoys. We put up the play tent and fill it with kitchen utensils and her play rice jar and off she goes. Its amazing the games she comes up with and at the end of the playtime it's easy to just sweep up and put back into the jar again. The tent mostly contains the mess and Bubble loves feeling like she is in her own little house. If you dont have a play tent then a large box will do just as well (ask at local whitegoods stores). Living in a small space like we do the play tent was a great investment, we bring it out for a few days and then fold it up into nothing and stash it in the wardrobe again. We even take it out with us when we go for family trips, having a picnic lunch inside a princess play tent adds that something special! :-)

Tongs and rice are a great fine motor play activity.

A toy dog having a snack :-)

Rice dancing - its bound to catch on ;-D

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