Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabric crayons

This is a great activity to use if you have old teeshirts etc... that have stains but are otherwise ok. Fabric crayons can be bought from most craft stores and are really fun and simple to use.
I put out a craft board for Bubble on the floor as a hard surface to work on (our craft board is actually the base of her old changetable, but any board, hard flooring or tabletop works fine as a work surface). We then laid a tee shirt on top of the board and inserted a breadboard inside the tee it to make drawing on the front easier. I folded the sides and arm around the breadboard and held it firmly so that Bubble was left with a rectangle of taut fabric to draw on.


*fabric crayons
*washing machine
*small breadboard
*old teeshirts

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