Sunday, June 9, 2013

Play Dough Sushi

I've been clearing out our main pantry this week and came across an expired pack of seaweed nori sheets. 
Bubble and Squeak love making (and eating!) sushi so I thought they might also enjoy it as a sensory and imaginary play activity all rolled into one (pun intended).


* seaweed nori sheets
(you could also use dark green play dough rolled flat, green tissue or crepe paper)
* play dough
* rice (uncooked)
* water in small dish
* sharp knife 
(for parental use only)

I set up their outdoor play table as a sushi bar so they could make their own rolls.

To make the 'sticky rice' I fixed a few cups of uncooked rice into some plain white dough. The girls really enjoyed the texture and also the realistic element it added to their sushi rolls.

 I had to resist the urge the make the coloured play dough into different foods (grated carrot, cucumber slices etc...). I wanted to see what they made themselves and not dictate what 'should' go in a sushi roll, so I just put all of the colours onto one big plate.
We used a basic uncooked play dough recipe to make our dough (2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water mixed together).

The girls had a chopping board each and a blunt butter knife to cut their play dough fillings with. 

Smooshing out the play dough rice was Bubbles favourite part, she loved the feel of the rice under her fingers. 
This step was harder for Squeak who has less strength in her hands, so this was a fun but effective fine motor exercise for her.

There was lots of rolling, pinching, squeezing and squashing while the girls made their play dough fillings.

All sorts of things went into them, from tuna and chocolate to peas and cherries. 

Then it was time to get rolling!

The girls used their little bowls of water to wet their fingers and seal the ends of the rolls.

I then cut them with a fine sharp knife so they would have sushi rolls that looked just like the real thing.

They looked pretty cool!

The girls spent all afternoon creating more and more sushi rolls and then playing restaurants.

Don't forget the soy sauce!

Not only was this activity a fun way to use up expired food it also provided a great sensory, fine motor and imaginary play experience.

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