Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paper Bag Discovery Book

This idea came to me as I was writing out Bubble's lunch order for school the other week and I was really excited to try it out with the girls this weekend.
The idea is very simple; make a book from paper bags that the girls can both draw and write on, and also store things inside each 'page'. 
We spend a lot of time seeking out and playing in natural environments so I thought this would be a fun way for them to record and keep the things they find.
This week we have made our Discovery Books about the park but I'd love to make some for the bush, beach and even to store treasures from an upcoming holiday we are taking.


* paper bags
* stapler
* washi tape (optional)
* pens/textas/markers

To make our Discovery Books I made a pile of 6 brown paper bags (all facing open end up) and stapled them on one side to form a book.

To protect Bubble and Squeak's fingers from the staples I covered the spine on each side of the books with washi tape.

Then we made a cover for our books, I wrote Squeak's for her and Bubble wrote her own.
I thought it would be nice to draw a picture or decorate the front but the girls were too keen to go looking for things to put in their books!

They both collected some special things to look at and put into the Discovery Books.

On each page they wrote what they had found and drew a picture of it.

Then they opened up each page and slipped their treasures inside.

The girls love their Discovery Books, they can read the pages, look at the pictures and then open up each page to see the items inside.

I can see us ending up with a book shelf full of these, such a fun way to explore and record what we find.


  1. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. Caz, how awesome this this idea, BRILLIANT!

  3. You have one of those brains that works all-the-time....I LOVE this idea x

  4. what a clever idea. my son will love it

  5. Love, love love this!! We will be doing this activity before the week ends i know. My girls are loving collecting things at the moment as well as reading, this combines both. Love their little pictures, so sweet x

  6. This is BRILLIANT! I absolutely love this idea and teachers (and parents) should all make these at home and go our exploring. Great work and I'll be pinning this for sure.

  7. We're going camping soon and this idea is perfect. In love!