Thursday, June 20, 2013

Noodle Box Fairy Houses


 These fairy houses are easy to make, can be played with in many different ways and can be used to store all of your little fairies (and their friends) between play times.
Bubble and Squeak have been toting these everywhere for the past week; they've been used in the bath (on suction hooks), in their bedrooms as part of the 'fairy village' they've painstakingly set up, in the backyard, in the car and at the local park where they use the handles to hang them from tree branches.
These would also be great to give away at parties and play days.


* cardboard noodle boxes
(we got ours for $2 for a pack of 6 at Hot Dollar)

* craft knife/scissors

* optional - things to decorate your fairy houses. I used buttons and the girls have also since added stickers and glitter glue.

Noodle boxes are available very cheaply from dollar shops and even supermarkets.

I used a craft knife to cut doors in the fronts of the noodle boxes and the girls picked out some buttons to decorate them with.
They have since added stickers and glitter glue to their little houses as well.

Bubble and Squeak have been storing all of their fairies and toys inside the houses between play times, perfect for grabbing before heading to the park.

In the bath we've been using suction hooks to hold the fairy houses.
Suction hooks could also be used in the car (on the windows), on mirrors, the front of the fridge and on house windows.
 The handles make them perfect for carrying and also for hanging in trees.

And they aren't just for fairies either ;)

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  1. My four year old would love these and I love that they could be taken wherever she goes. Super cute! Hannah @ Paint On The Ceiling