Friday, June 21, 2013

Magnetic Fairy Houses

We like to utilise all areas of our home for play, and the fridge front is no exception (see links below post for more magnetic play ideas).
These fairy houses are made from basic recycled and craft materials and have provided hours of fun for the girls. 
Not only have they been attached to the fridge and other appliances inside the house but also outside on our garage door and window frames.


* small cardboard box
(we ask for them at our local hardware shops/supermarkets)
* craft knife/scissors
* strong magnets
(ours were $2 for a pack of 8 from Hot Dollar)
* optional : things to decorate fairy houses
We used wrapping paper, glue, buttons and washi tape.

We ask for and collect small boxes from our local shops, they have many uses!

After covering our boxes with wrapping paper (using a glue stick) we cut doors and windows from the front using a craft knife.
We used washi tape to decorate the sides and roof and then used craft glue to attach four large magnets to the back of the fairy house.

The fairy houses attach easily to metal surfaces.
We also added a paper towel tube slide for our fairy friends.

We used buttons for the door handles. They look cute and make them easier for the girls to open and close.

The paper towel tube slide was very easy to make - cut a section from one side and attach magnets to the edge. The fairies have a lot of fun sliding down them!

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  1. This is so cute!What a clever idea to use the magnets!