Friday, December 6, 2013

Teacher Christmas Gift - Simple Bead Jewellery

We bought some little gifts for the girls teachers this year but also wanted to include something they had made themselves. Beaded jewellery is perfect for this - both our girls were able to make necklaces and bracelets on their own without assistance and chose the beads themselves as well.
I love them so much I'm going to ask them to make me some for Christmas too!


* beads
(ours were from Spotlight for $5 a bag, one bag made all of these pictures below and still enough left over for another one)
* threading elastic
* small gift boxes
(ours were from Hot Dollar, $2 for a pack of 6)

Bubble's bracelet for her very special teacher.

Bubble's necklace for her teacher.

Squeak made a necklace for her much loved teacher too.

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