Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Class Gift - Build A Snowman Kit

Bubble has a smaller class size to Squeak, only 16 kids, and since they are older we wanted to make them a gift that was a little bit more messy and hands on!
Both of our girls love play dough and it is also cost effective to make in bulk, so we decided on some Play Dough Snowman Kits as class gifts.
We already had all the supplies we needed to make these kits apart from the black beads, so all up it cost us only $2! Even buying the supplies from scratch though they would cost around $10 for 20.


* home made play dough
(we used this recipe without the glycerine or food colouring)
* black beads
(we bought ours from Spotlight for $2)
* orange pipe cleaners
(we needed 2 pipe cleaners for 20 kits)
* small twigs
(we collected ours during school pick up time!)
* small buttons
* red felt to make scarves
(one large sheet was plenty for ours)
* plastic tubs or bags for storage
(we used plastic tubs we already had that were $2/pack of 8 at Hot Dollar, you could easily use Ziplock bags instead though)
* Kit labels printed onto sticker paper
(labels are included below as a printable)

The contents of our Snowman Kits.
We put in three balls of play dough and a 'snowman building kit' containing:
* two small twigs for arms
* 3 small buttons
* small piece of orange pipe cleaner as a carrot nose
* 10 black beads for eyes and mouth
*felt scarf

Kits as they were packaged up with a mini chocolate Santa included.
We put the Merry Christmas Label on the top of our tubs and the kit contents label on the little bag containing the loose parts inside the tub.

The tubs worked really well for transport and storage but ziplock bags would work just as well and be more cost effective.
We printed our labels onto sticker sheets and cut them out, you could also just print them onto normal paper though and glue them to your containers instead.

A play dough snowman our girls made with one of the kits.

Build A Snowman Kit Labels in 6x4 photo size:
(right click to open and save in separate tab)

Build A Snowman Kit labels in A4 paper size:
(right click to open and save in separate tab)


  1. These are just lovely!! What a fab idea, am going to do some up for my girls to give to the FDC kids for end of year. Thanks so much for the printables lovely. I haven't used sticker paper before, perhaps might try!

  2. This is a lovely and unique idea for Christmas Gifts. Love reading your blog, you are so creative.