Saturday, December 14, 2013

Building Block Presents - Fine Motor Activity

Little Squeak needs a lot of fine motor practice to build the muscles in her hands and develop her pincer grip for writing and using scissors. Her joints fatigue easily so we try and do short fine motor building activities several times a day to build up these skills.
This activity was one the girls really enjoyed and gave Squeak a fine motor work out without her even noticing.

* wooden building blocks
* mini adhesive gift bows

Both Bubble and Squeak love playing with their dolls endlessly on the weekends, so I suggested we use our building blocks to make them some Christmas presents.
We chose some present shaped blocks and I put out a bowl of mini adhesive bows to decorate them with.

Squeak removing backing paper from the bows to put them on top of her present.
This is a great fine motor activity, especially regarding pincer grip which is something she really struggles with.

One building block present for one lucky doll.

The girls ended up with a stack of these under their miniature pink Christmas tree.

There was plenty of imaginary play going on while they made their presents.
The girls chatted away describing what was in each one:
"Oh look! This one is a book about Ancient Egypt. It has shiny stickers inside"
"This one is a baby doll that also has a teddy bear and a real nappy"

My favourite kind of activity.
The kind where we develop skills while we have fun :)


  1. What a wonderful activity...would you believe I did similar with the girls this weekend but with felt Christmas trees!! I like this idea better although i must say Ruby drove me a little nuts trying to peel the sticker off lol! Gorgeous little pics xx

    1. Great minds Jodie! Did you blog it? Would love to see them, Squeak is right into the Christmas themed activities at the moment and I'm starting to struggle to come up with new ones each day! The simple ones are always the best I find with her, too much detail and I've lost her :D