Friday, January 25, 2013

Tongs & Foam Letters - Australia Day Sight Words

The girls and I did some Australian themed sight words today using foam letters and water. It's summer here and the weather is lovely and warm (28'c and climbing!), so a water activity was perfect. We also threw in some tongs in honour of the greatest Aussie tradition of all - BBQs :)


* foam letters
* plastic tub full of water
* window
* various tongs
* paper and pen
* blutac (sticky tack)

We thought up some Aussie words together and spelt them out on flashcards cut from paper.

Then we filled our tub with water and foam shapes and I put out a tray with different types of tongs for the girls to experiment with.

We then used blutac to attach the sight words to an outside window. 
The girls had a great time fishing around in the water with the tongs, picking up each letter and sticking them to the glass.

This was a great fine motor activity and a good way to learn some patriotic words for the day :)

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