Friday, January 25, 2013

Australian Animals - Whiteboard Silhouette Matching

Bubble and Squeak both love using the whiteboard so we did some silhouette matching today using some Australian native wildlife. It was great for fine motor practice and problem solving as well as a good speech workout while we practiced saying some of the trickier animal names.


* whiteboard 
(you could also use the front of your fridge or a window)
* whiteboard marker
(or chalk if using a chalk board)
* animal pictures
* animal silhouettes
(I searched for ours on Google Images and then printed them out)
* blutac (sticky tack)

Using blutac we attached our animal silhouettes to the top of our whiteboard and the animal pictures to the bottom. Be sure to mix up the order to make it a bit trickier to match them up.

Using whiteboard markers the girls took turns to match the silhouettes and pictures by drawing connecting lines.

They had fun mixing up the picture orders for each other and playing over and over. We said the animal names and worked on their pronunciation as we matched them up.

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  1. This looks like a great activity that my 3 and half year old will have fun doing! Thank you for sharing it :)