Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning States - Chalk Outline Activity

This activity was very simple but great fun, and all we needed was chalk. After we'd finished practicing our states the girls sat outside after lunch with their toys pretending to drive and fly all over the country. Great for learning and also imaginary play!


* chalk
* concrete area
* Australian states puzzle (optional)

Using chalk I drew a big map of Australia with the state lines included on our outdoor concrete area. It's not very exact but roughly correct! :)

I called out random state names and the girls took turns finding the right place. We used different actions to make it even more fun (ie: "drive to Queensland", or "jump to Western Australia").

We have a wooden map of Australia puzzle so we brought it out to do some matching.

The girls matched each little state puzzle piece to it's corresponding place on the chalk map.

We also spent some time talking about which states our friends and family lived in and what animals/fruits/cities were located in each one as well.


  1. A brilliant game. My boys love maps. Must try this with them. Pinning again. xoxo P

  2. I love this! How fun that they can 'jump' from one state to another and 'visit' their friends and relatives! :) Pinning!