Sunday, October 28, 2012

Witches Cauldron Sensory Play

The girls have been reading a lot of Halloween books from the local library and our own collection in the lead up to the big event. Their favourite ones are all about witches and in particular they have been enjoying The Witches' Supermarket by Susan Meddaugh.
Today I set up a mini 'witches supermarket' for the girls sensory play activity and it was a bit of a hit. Some of our 'ingredients' might be a bit too icky for some, there are lots of different yucky and not so yucky things you could include.


* cauldrons 
(ours were $1 from Hot Dollar but you could use anything; a bowl, bucket, empty plastic container)
* mixing spoons
* witchy ingredients
we had: 
slime (instructions here)
eye of newt (chickpeas)
worms (cooked spaghetti and black food colouring)
snails (cooked pasta shells and green food colouring)
maggots (rice)

The girls were very excited to play at being 'witches'.

A few cauldron essentials.

This activity provided a great imaginary and sensory play experience, lots of different textures to mix and squish.

Whenever we do messy play activities we set up a 'wash up station' nearby with warm water and a towel that the girls can use when the messiness gets a bit much.


  1. Ohhh, this is fabulous! What a fun sensory activity :-) I was smiling as I read.

  2. Oh this is fabulous and I just LOVE the jars of essentials, brilliant!! My girls would love this! *pinning*

  3. How awesome! You can tell they just loved it. I must also say I adore those witch hats. How crafty!

  4. I am not joking when I tell you that my daughter is absolutely obsessed with witches and spells. She asks for a witch story every day.

    I will definitely be re-creating this activity with her. She will love it.

    Your girls might like a book called Spell by Emily Gravett.

  5. Such a lovely little activity...those pics are wonderful! We always like to have a wash up station nearby too...provides even more fun than the activity somedays!

  6. Oh I love it, it looks to real. This is the type of thing we have been doing lately, so much hands on fun.

  7. How fun! Love the different colours and textures!