Sunday, October 28, 2012

Green Jelly Slime

As part of our Halloween activities I wanted to make the girls some 'slime' to use for sensory play. They aren't very fond of the cornstarch type so instead we tried making some using jelly, water and a blender. It turned out really well, the consistency was perfect and very very slimy!


* jelly (mixed and set)
(I made up a bowl using two packets, one green and one clear)
* water
* blender or stick mixer
(use with caution around kids!)

We made the jelly the night before and then in the morning just scooped it straight into the blender.

We gave it a quick blitz with the blender and then added water before mixing it further. We kept adding more and more water until we had the consistency we wanted.

We found that the jelly slime would solidify a little bit after sitting so it took us a few goes to get it just right. We used two packets of jelly and added around 1 1/2 cps of water all up.

Green jelly slime ready for some witchy play time.

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