Sunday, October 28, 2012

Painted Witches Hats

Halloween is still a bit of growing event in Australia. 
It's not something I ever remember being around when I was growing up, except for on US television shows, and last year was our very first experience with Trick or Treaters.
The area we live in now appears to be quite into the Halloween spirit which is something I'm quite delighted about since our girls seem to love it. They love the bats and the lanterns and the 'spookiness', and they both have a special fascination with witches.
We are yet to go Trick or Treating ourselves but we still like to dress up and play Halloween games at home (and answer the door for all the little ghosts and princesses who knock!). The girls wanted to be witches last year and this year is no different, so we decided to personalise their witches hats in preparation for Wednesday!


* dress up witches hats
(ours were $2 each from BigW)

* old newspapers
* paints (we used acrylic)
* craft glue
* glitter/sequins/buttons etc...
* brushes 

First I stuffed the hats with newspaper so they would stand up straight and be easier for the girls to paint.

Then they got to work with their acrylics, craft glue and decorations.

This was after they had finished painting, once it was dry they used glue to attach all sorts of 'interesting' things.

I love the little details, like these eyes on top of Squeak's hat,

and these buttons on Bubble's.

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