Sunday, May 27, 2012

Water Bead Ice Eggs

Thank you for all of the positive feed back on our Ice Eggs activity, they've been never endingly popular at our house despite winter setting in!
We've been experimenting each week with new items inside our balloons and this week we tried out water beads. We've used them inside balloons before for our Texture Balloons activity but have never tried them inside Ice Eggs, and the results were very pretty.
The girls had a lot of fun melting their eggs with water and having a game of Ice Bowling, and of course, smashing them into itty bitty pieces ;D


* top cut from a plastic water bottle
(you could also use a wide mouth funnel if you have one)
* balloons
* water beads (hydrated)
* freezer
* recycled bottles and tins
(if you want to play Ice Bowling)

We hydrated some water beads overnight and cut the top from a water bottle to use as a balloon funnel.

The balloons stretch and fit easily over the water bottle spout making it easy for the girls to hold and put the water beads in themselves.

Bubble filling her balloon with beads.

Balloons filled with water beads.

Next we added water to make our Ice Eggs. I attached the balloons to the tap faucet and the girls filled them as big as they liked. Once they were ready I tied them off.

Then just as last time we put our balloons into the freezer.
One thing we always do when making Ice Eggs is put the water balloons inside a container or bag, just in case there is a breakage!

The Water Bead Ice Eggs after freezing overnight.

Bubble setting up some things from the recycling bin for Ice Bowling (we didn't have enough empty milk bottles!).

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  1. These are wonderful - simply wonderful! I wonder if you could put the water beads inside the balloons filled with water and have them grow in the balloon before freezing. Would take more time but just curious!

  2. What a creative and fun way to play with water beads! Love!

  3. New follower love your blog.
    We just filled water balloons with water beads tonight to let them freeze over night for some fun ice play tomorrow.

  4. So simple, yet so effective! I bet your little monsters loved it! We will definitely be giving this a try soon :)

  5. Love this, thanks for linking up to our water bead party! This is a great one! We have frozen water beads before, but never inside of a balloon to make an egg! How clever, and so fun! We will definitely be doing this one soon :)

  6. These are really cool! I was just thinking the other day I wonder what would happen if we froze water beads. How timely I find your post :)

  7. I totally love what you did with water beads in this post. I'm going to have a go myself!

  8. Shared on our Facebook page today as a great way to stay cool this Summer! Thanks for linking up on our water bead page :)

  9. I LOVE THIS! So happy I found you through Happy Little Kiwi!

  10. Great idea with the water beads. I am sure the kids had a blast with the ice eggs.