Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mothers Day Badges

We're a bit late with our Mothers Day cards this year, poor little Bubble and Squeak have both had consecutive bouts of a stomach virus, so haven't been in much of a crafting mood.
We managed to make these cute and easy little Mothers Day badges to send interstate to their Grandmas this year, inside the Pom Pom Flower Cards we made earlier in the week.

* scrap cardboard (thin)
* markers/textas
* A4 laminator and pouches
* safety pin
* good quality sticky tape
* cookie cutters
* scissors

We started by tracing some shapes onto our card using a pen and cookie cutters.

The girls then drew whatever picture they liked inside the shapes. 
Bubble knew they were for her Grandmothers so drew pictures of them with herself ad Squeak. Squeak is a bit little to grasp the idea of Mothers Day but really liked drawing with every colour texta she could find :D 

Once their little masterpieces were finished we cut them out and then laminated them using a standard laminator and pouch and cut them out again.

We attached a safety pin to the back of each one by first threading a length of good quality tape through the pin and sticking it down. Then we put two more lengths of tape horizontally at each end of the first piece of tape (to form a capital 'I' shape).
This is really effective for holding the pin to the back of the badge, we made some of these for the girls birthdays recently and even when I accidentally put them through the wash they didn't come unstuck.

Adorable little Mothers Day badges for a proud Mum (or Grandma, Aunty, cousin...) to wear.

We attached our badges to the inside of our Mothers Day cards (see how we made them HERE) using looped tape (double sided tape would also work.
Sorry about the bit at the bottom, that's just where I've blurred Bubble's real name ;)

Here is a free 6x4 print for the inside of a Mothers Day Badge card.
I've reworded it slightly from our version since everyone has a different name for the special women they celebrate on Mothers Day.


  1. Fabulous! Simple, sweet and quick which makes it the perfect type of craft for my house. Thanks for the free print too. Gosh I love this blog :)

  2. Making badges to go with the cards is such a neat idea!

  3. Aw, how sweet. I would love to get one of these from my girls, and I would wear it proudly!