Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prime & Paint - Object Canvases

So I was cruising Ohdeedoh last night when I came across this :
DIY Painted Jars
How. Cute. Are. They?! I really want to make some for the girls craft shelves but in the meantime it got me thinking about how fun objects would be as canvases.
Today we dug out the primer and some paint, collected some old toys that were no longer played with and created some beautiful works of art that the girls are very proud of.


* objects to paint (we used old toys)
* paint primer
* coloured paint (we used acrylics)
* paint brushes

Some old toys destined for greater things!

I painted them with primer while the girls ate lunch today but the kids could also do this step themselves. It only took a few minutes to give each object a coat.
Spraypaint primer would be even faster if you have some. Spraypaint and I aren't very good friends though so I just used a brush.

The girls chose their paint colours and got to work painting their object canvases however they liked.

We ended up with some very colourful masterpieces :-)

This was a very inexpensive (free for us since we already had primer and paint) and fun way to make beautiful things for display.

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  1. Oh, croc.. my favourite!!!!

    That`s a wonderful idea! Shoud make some as well. And it`s a great way to use old toys.

  2. The crocodile is my favourite too :-) He's going to take a while to dry though I think, he was 'fed' a lot of paint hehe.

  3. Very colourful. I have to admit the croc. wins me over too.

  4. So fun and so colourful!! Lovely!

    Thank you, again for linking to Kids Get Crafty! You rock!


  5. What a fun idea- and great way to reuse! Thank you for sharing on The Sunday Showcase!

  6. What a great way to turn something from store-bought to hand-painted! xx