Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nature Theme - Magnifier Discovery Board

A little while ago we created our own Magnifier Discovery Board which was a big hit with the girls. Today we took it with us to a Botanical Garden and filled it with interesting things we found there.
This board ended up involving more than just the visual element because the girls lifted the lids to feel and smell the things inside.


* fine sand
* gravel stones
* seed heads from different grasses
* thistles
* dried leaves with a spotted pattern
* bark
* dandelion spores
* tiny flowers
* small gum nuts/seed pods

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  1. I love all your creative ideas!

    New follower from the hops -- stop on by when you get a chance!

  2. I love this idea for my youngest! Thanks for sharing!!! Off to add it to my pinterest boards :)

  3. Grandson Ben age 4 1/2 just discovered the huge magnifier that Pa pa Dee Dee has next to his chair.. Next time he comes we will go down to the creek and see things up close.
    Thanks for the idea..
    Have a tiggeriffic day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  4. Hi - my three year old will relish this activity! May I ask where you got your groovy magnifying glass from? Apologies if you have already posted on this topic before - I've just discovered your treasure trove tonight!

  5. Hi Lyndall, thanks for the lovely comment :-) The magnifying glasses are from The Toy Bug:

    The have wonderful toys, we just love their stuff :-) Hope you and your little one have fun creating a discovery board!