Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skewer Snacks

My girls have rather short attention spans and bore easily when it comes to your run of the mill eating utensils. Spoons and forks? Are you kidding? Snorefest.
To keep things interesting and work their fine motor development and co-ordination I often trade their cutlery in for something different;
A set of small tongs.
A pair of chopsticks.
A mini soup ladle.
It's all a bit of fun and also great for hand strength and developing skills such as their pincer grip.
The biggest hit lately has been skewers - the wooden/bamboo type that you get in big packets. I buy the mini sized ones and they are perfect for snacks like berries or fruit (I usually freeze them and then serve them semi thawed), cheese, pieces of bagel or cake; anything soft enough to skewer basically.


* mini bamboo skewers
* soft snack foods
(in this case semi thawed blueberries)

Both girls love the challenge of 'catching' their food.

Please note: I have found that Squeak (2.5) can wield a skewer quite safely, but please use your own discretion about whether or not your child can eat with a sharp utensil and only use them when you can supervise. You may want to blunt the end of the skewer by cutting it with clean scissors or by pressing the tip into a cutting board to flatten it.


  1. Lovely Idea - do you think it would be ok to do this in a restaurant and make the meal last a little longer!!

  2. Immy's favourite way to eat frozen blueberries is with chopsticks! I don't think I would have the patience :)